Scuba Diving in Cantabria

Scuba Diving in Cantabria reveals another world unknown to most, only accessible under certain conditions and during specific times of the year. While we all agree that there is a lot to see and to do in Cantabria – mountains and beaches, not many have discovered the undersea world yet.


This world lies beneath the sea surface; Cantabria holds a paradise beneath the waves with a diverse array of fish and animals, shipwrecks, underwater caves, and an impressive morphology.


There are various dive centers for your scuba diving activities in Cantabria, but it’s essential to remember that diving in the Cantabrian Sea is primarily done from March to November due to water conditions and temperature. Even during the summer, all activities will be dependent on the weather.


For newcomers, most diving centers offer a first scuba diving experience for around 70 Euros. Alternatively, if you are more committed, PADI courses are available. The most popular area is the Island of Mouro, just in front of Santander, a protected area with a rich ecosystem beneath the surface.


For advanced divers, the “Precio del Río Miera” is the most famous shipwreck, lying at a depth of 45 meters below the surface. It is located just a few miles from Cabo Mayor in Santander.


Remember that aside from scuba diving, there are some fantastic snorkeling spots, such as the surroundings of Los Molinucos beach.

We would like to recommend some dive centers where you can experience scuba diving for the first time or, if you hold a PADI certificate, explore the Cantabrian Sea in greater detail.

MOURO island blue water clear sky lighthouse scuba diving buceo en Cantabria
Isla de mouro

Acquatur Dive Center

Acquatur is personally recommended, situated in Raos (next to Santander Airport). It is an experienced dive center offering a range of services, from initial diving experiences to PADI courses and advanced diving, all facilitated by excellent instructors.


For further details, please visit their website at

Centro Buceo Pedreña

Situated in the town of Pedreña, this dive center is easily accessible by boat from the center of Santander. It stands out as one of the most, if not the most, popular dive centers in Cantabria. Operating as a 5-star PADI center since 2003, it offers a high standard of services for diving enthusiasts.


For further details, please visit their website at

Mourosub Dive Center

Situated in Raos (Maliaño), Mourosub is another well-established dive center with over 15 years of experience. It offers various courses endorsed by organizations such as SSI, PADI, ESA, FEDAS, CMAS, EFR, or DAN. Additionally, Mourosub is a partner of the Scuba School International organization.


For further details, please visit their website at

Buceo Sirenia

Situated in the picturesque town of Noja, Buceo Sirenia has been offering a variety of courses since 2020. It provides a unique diving experience just 30 minutes away from Santander, allowing divers to explore a different and captivating area.


For further details, please visit their website at

Calypso Dive Center

Situated in Mogro, Calypso is a dive center that offers the opportunity to explore the stunning Costa Quebrada. In addition to providing diving courses, this center also offers boat trips, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of the Costa Quebrada from a unique perspective. Costa Quebrada is a newly discovered area that is definitely worth exploring!


For further details, please visit their website at

Buceo Galatea

Located in Suances, a tourist town in western Cantabria, Buceo Galatea stands as the sole dive center enabling you to explore the Suances region. It offers a range of courses, including both PADI and FEDAS certifications.


For further details, please visit their website at

Boryisub dive center

Situated in the iconic town of Comillas, Boryisub provides advanced-level courses for diving enthusiasts in the western part of Cantabria.

For further details, please visit their website at

Nemodivers dive center

Close to the well-known town of Laredo, Nemodivers offers you the opportunity to explore a beautiful stretch of the Cantabrian east coast. They provide the chance to explore various areas in collaboration with them.

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Ok Castro Dive

Situated in Castro Urdiales, Ok Castro Dive is a club on the far eastern coast of Cantabria.

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Cantabria Abisal

Situated in Maliaño, Cantabria Abisal not only provides scuba diving courses but also offers submarine fishing and snorkeling experiences in Santander Bay.

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