Where can I find a place to have a drink in Santander and Cantabria?

When searching for the best bars in Santander and Cantabria, you would likely know that Spain is celebrated for its lively atmosphere and the opportunity to unwind with drinks among friends and family, whether in the evening or late into the night.


Cantabria mirrors this spirit, with the social tradition of heading out for drinks and engaging in delightful conversations being one of its most cherished activities. Bars, scattered across almost every street, host gatherings of adults spanning all age groups.


Notably, indulging in a drink is a common practice, especially on weekends before lunch (12:30 to 14:30), preceding dinner (19:30 to 22:30), and, of course, during the night.


As mentioned earlier, while each street boasts its own collection of bars, there are authentic and popular establishments that are an absolute must-visit when in Santander or Cantabria.


It’s worth mentioning that many of these bars in Santander and Cantabria also provide the option to enjoy some delectable bites (Pinchos) for an additional cost – keep an eye out for them when placing your drink orders!


Allow us to point you towards some charming streets and specific spots in the region that deserve your exploration!

Best places to have a drink in Santander

Like in most Spanish cities it is not hard to find a bar in almost every street but also some streets are popular for people to gather.

When it comes to Santander, the amount of people can vary but there are 3 areas that are considered the main ones:


  • Plaza Cañadio: Very popular spot with different bars that can get very very crowded during the summer time.   Peña Herbosa: More relaxed atmosphere mixed with some of the most trendy restaurants in the city. 

  • El Rio de la Pila: Kind of alternative street with some bars and a few restaurants. One of the most interesting spots in the city with great atmosphere and interesting places for some drinks or food.

  • El Arrabal: This area covers both Calle Arrabal and Calle del Medio.  This area is one of the few that survived to the fire that devastated Santander in 1941. Lot of trendy bars and interesting shops there.

  • Calle Hernán Cortés and Castelar: they are a continuation of each other, a great choice if you are looking pubs for a quiet drink! Do not miss Mercado del Este, specially during rainy days.

  • La Cañía: Located in El Sardinero, in Joaquin Costa street. Perfect place if you want to combine drinks and beach during the summer time!

  • Calle Cádiz, Calderón de la Barca and Isabel II: Very good location, close to the train, ferry and bus station, you will see lot of locals having a drink in the afternoon  specially during the weekends. 

HiCantabria selection of bars in Santander

We want to make your life easier, so let us show you where you should head when finding a place for a drink.


Some of our favourite places are:


  • Casa Lita: Right in Paseo Pereda one of the most famous stops if you want to enjoy a drink and the World Famous ¨Pinchos¨.
    You can check their Website here or Google Maps page here

  • Bodega Fuente Dé: The most famous bar in Peña Herbosa and one of the most popular restaurants in Santander. Do not miss their ¨Queso Picón¨ pincho.
    You can check their Website here or Google Maps page here

  • Pub Kings: Simply the best cocktails in the city, right on iconic Castelar Street.
    You can check their Website here or Google Maps page here

  • Casa Ajero: A perfect choice to continue your route with some Pinchos in the Center of Santander.
    You can check their Google Maps page here

  • Mercado del Este: Not properly a bar, but an old market with many bars inside, or even a cheese shop (Quesoba) with the option to try local cheese with a drink.
    You can check their Website here or Google Maps page here

* If you are looking pubs and clubs in Santander please check our blog post: SANTANDER NIGHTLIFE

Best places to have a drink in Cantabria

It is evident that being the capital and the most popular tourism destination in Cantabria, Santander offers the best selection of bars.

It is important to note that other towns offer exceptional selections when it comes to enjoying some drinks:

  • Torrelavega: The second-largest city in Cantabria offers a wide selection of bars, mainly located in “La Zona de Vinos,” ranging from traditional tascas to more modern pubs.

  • Suances: Particularly during its tourism peak in the summer, Suances offers a wide selection of bars next to the beach and the harbor, in the area of Playa de los Locos.

  • Castro Urdiales: Close to the Basque Country and welcoming many Basques spending their weekends or holidays, Castro Urdiales offers a wide selection of traditional bars in its Old Town.

  • Comillas: Another town that attracts a lot of tourism in the summer, with the town square serving as a good starting point for a drink.

  • Santoña: A classic choice for locals, Santoña, with its fishing-town charm, makes it a perfect place to enjoy a drink with the local “Anchoas.”

Additionally, there are other towns with plenty of opportunities for a drink, such as Laredo, Solares, Cabezón de la Sal, or San Vicente de la Barquera.

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