Surf in Cantabria - Check the key spots and best surf schools

If surfing is your passion, destinations like Nazaré in Portugal and Sopelana in the neighboring Basque Country likely top your list. However, the coastal gem of Cantabria, once a hidden gem for surf enthusiasts, has now emerged into the spotlight.


Despite hosting prestigious international surf competitions like La Vaca Gigante, Cantabria remains an inviting playground for beginners eager to test their skills. From accessible spots in Santander’s center to more secluded areas, the diversity is unmatched.


Before delving into specifics, here’s a tip: while summer attracts tourists, it’s not the prime season for surfing in Cantabria. The sea tends to be calm. For the best experience, target September and October when the water is just right, crowds are thinner, and the waves beckon.


Now, let’s dive into the key surf spots, recommend some schools, and outline exciting plans to complement your surf-centric lifestyle!

Cantabria Surf: Somo and Loredo

Right in front of Santander lies a town where the very essence of surf shapes its identity . A place where the surf vibe permeates every corner. Immerse yourself in a community where shops, schools, bars, and restaurants are all proudly owned by surfers.


What sets this town apart is its expansive beach with golden sands and awe-inspiring waves, offering the perfect canvas for not just surfing, but also windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Easily accessible from Santander, popular boats from ‘Los Reginas’ connect the city with Somo and the town of Pedreña in just 25 minutes. It has a reasonable cost of around 6 EUR for a round trip. For those with a car, the journey takes over 30 minutes, navigating around the bay.

Please check detailed information in our blog: How to get from Santander to Somo.

Notably, many surf schools prefer introducing beginners to the waves nearer to the town of Lord, as it provides a smoother start for newcomers. This part of the beach is strategically chosen for its accessibility and ideal conditions. This makes it the perfect initiation point for those taking their first plunge into the world of surfing.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words … so without further ado, let us visually transport you to Somo and Loredo!

As mentioned earlier, a plethora of surf shops awaits for those in need of equipment. For those with a van, consider parking at the convenient parking area in Loredo.


Whether you’re a novice eager to catch your first wave or looking to refine your surfing technique, allow us to suggest some excellent spots for lessons (From around 35 Euro per lesson of 2 hours).

Surf schools in Somo and Loredo

Make sure to inquire about English lessons availability when reaching out to these recommended places!


  • Escuela Cantabra de Surf, nestled in the heart of Somo, stands as one of the oldest surf schools in Spain. Boasting not only top-notch lessons but also a dedicated surf shop, the school’s prime location offers easy access to numerous bars and restaurants, creating an immersive surf experience for enthusiasts.
  • Koa School. Not only does it offer affordable prices and excellent instructors, but it also provides the unique option of surf-themed accommodation. Keep in mind that it’s situated just outside the town center, providing a peaceful learning environment for surf enthusiasts.
  • AWA Surf, also located in the center of Somo. Positioned next to trendy bars, it offers the perfect setting to unwind with a refreshing drink and relish a beautiful sunset after your enriching surf experience.

Beyond the surf schools, we highly recommend winding down at popular spots like Surf Cafe, Surf Garden, or Casa del Surf. These establishments not only offer great drinks but also provide a laid-back atmosphere, making them perfect for relaxing and sharing tales of your surfing adventures.

Surf in Suances - Playa de los locos

For the seasoned surfers seeking a challenge, La Playa de los Locos (Beach of the Crazy) is a must-visit. This renowned spot, though not recommended for beginners, attracts experienced surfers seeking the thrill of conquering its powerful and challenging waves. 35 min by car from Santander.

Cantabria Surf: Langre

A mere 30 minutes from Santander and nestled not far from Somo and Loredo, the untamed beauty of Langre, with its rugged cliffs and crashing waves, awaits experienced surfers.


This wild beach, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and dramatic cliffs, offers a thrilling haven for those seeking an exhilarating surfing experience.

Cantabria Surf: Oyambre - Playa de Gerra

Situated just 45 minutes away from Santander and nestled near the Pico de Europa Mountains, the untamed beauty of Oyambre Beach awaits.


Renowned for offering one of the best sunsets in the region, this wild beach also boasts campgrounds and has been a surf choice for world celebrities like Shakira.


You can check Oyambre Surf School there.

Santander Surf

Surfing in the heart of Santander? Absolutely! Experience the thrill of surfing at El Sardinero Beach, right in the middle of the city.


While the beach is reserved for families and beachgoers during the summer, it transforms into a prime surfing spot during the more relaxed seasons of spring and autumn. Learn to surf in Cantabria without leaving the city!


Need a school? Check Molinucos Surf School!

Cantabria Surf: Liencres

Liencres, located near Santander, boasts a captivating blend of natural beauty with its Natural Park and stunning beaches like Valdearenas and Canallave.


Popular among van surfer enthusiasts, this town offers plenty of parking spots.


After catching the waves at these two beautiful beaches, unwind at the nearby bar, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing drink post-surf.


In our blog you can check how to get to Liencres from Santander by bus.

Other great locations to surf in Cantabria

There are many other fantastic surf spots in Cantabria, and we highly recommend:


Require additional information or have any suggestions? Get in touch with us! Get in touch with us!

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