Somo? You probably haven't heard of it before...

What is Somo? A village in Cantabria? Right across from Santander, sharing the bay, there is a village in Cantabria belonging to the municipality of Ribamontán al Mar called Somo.

Geographically, it is only 3 kilometers from Santander, but getting there is an adventure in itself. We know this, and we have created detailed information on how to get to Somo from Santander on our HiCantabria blog: How to get from Santander to Somo.

For many, an unknown village, Somo is one of the most well-known spots for surfers. Somo has transformed from being a summer beach destination to a nerve center for surfers from all over the world. It’s not unusual to find people from Germany, Italy, or France in the village, and because of this, it has become one of the most innovative villages in Cantabria.


There you will find businesses, bars, and restaurants of all kinds. From typical bars of a summer village in Spain to purely surfer-oriented businesses, including restaurants where you can try the best seafood and fish in the area.


Finally, it’s worth highlighting the natural surroundings of Somo, a delight for strolling, from its beach to its dunes and the incredible entrance to the Cubas River.

5 Reasons to visit Somo in Cantabria...

1 - Its beach

Looking for one of the best beaches in Cantabria? You’ll find it in Somo! A huge beach that stretches from Loredo to El Puntal.


It’s perfect for enjoying a swim or sunbathing in the summer, playing sports, or taking a walk with the sea breeze in the winter with your dog (make sure to check the municipal ordinance, as dogs are only allowed at certain times and on certain days). All of this comes with a privileged view of Santander.


In the summer, you’ll find the Chiringuitos del Puntal, which are informal bars/restaurants where people enjoy themselves in front of the boats anchored in the sea.

2 - Surf

Somo means surfing, and everything revolves around its beach and the sport of surfing. You have the oldest surf school in Spain, themed restaurants, equipment shops, courses—everything you need if you’re interested in this sport!

You can find more information in our Surf in Cantabria section.

Also, due to the specific conditions of the place, kitesurfing is very popular.

3 - Bars

After a day of surfing or simply after enjoying a swim at the beach, one of the most relaxing things is to have a refreshing drink or a nice cold beer.


In the village of Somo, you have many bars and terraces where you can relax while watching the evening turn into night in a young and friendly atmosphere.


If you prefer, there are also several ice cream parlors like the famous REGMA.

4 - Sunset

We’ve talked about the beach, but if you really want to be amazed, the sunsets in Somo are magical (in our opinion, even better than other more famous ones in the region of Cantabria).

No matter the time of year, if there are few clouds, you’ll be in for a surprise.

If you’re walking on the beach, check the sunset time and enjoy it before you go for a drink or dinner in Somo!

5 - Best Views of Santander and Cantabria

If you’re in Somo, take the opportunity to go for a walk.

You can start at the beach, where you’ll have a unique view of the Magdalena Palace, Mouro Island, and the Hotel Real. On the other side of El Puntal, you can even see the Picos de Europa before reaching the majestic entrance to the Cubas River and the mountains near the port of Alisas.

Also, if you’re a golf fan or want to engage in other water sports, you can walk to the nearby town of Pedreña.

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