Frequently Asked Questions and general information about Cantabria

In this section, you will find many frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Cantabria. Feel free to take a look while staying in Cantabria!

1 - Is Santander, as well as Cantabria, a pet-friendly destination?

Absolutely! You may be surprised by the number of dogs (and some cats) in the streets. However, please take into consideration that some places still do not allow pets.


A number of beaches, like Liencres or Somo, are very popular if you want to spend time with your dog friend.


You can also take them to shopping malls except those stores selling food.


Hotels might not permit pets; we recommend you to contact them prior to arrival!


Some coffee shops might allow pets, but this is rather an exception, as is the case with bars.


Overall, the region is very pet-friendly, but you need to check the places beforehand without making any assumptions

2 -Are there any lockers in Santander?

If you’re staying in an apartment without storage space for your luggage, there are lockers available in the city, primarily near the bus station. This option is perfect if you have a later flight (make sure to check how to get to the airport using this link).


Some options if you are looking for locker in Santander:


Vixi Lockers: Calle Cádiz 1 692674689

LockHereNow: Calle Castilla 7, 638593356

Cantabria Lockers: Calle Lope de Vega 17, 611879880

3 - Hospitals in Cantabria

The main hospital in Cantabria is the public Santander Hospital Valdecilla. In case of emergency, that is the place to go (Remember the emergency number, 112).

If you are a European citizen, you are required to present your European Health Insurance Card.

If you hold private insurance, you might be asked to go to Hospital Mompia in Santander, which is the largest private hospital.

Additionally, there are other public hospitals in Torrelavega (Sierrallana), Reinosa, or Laredo.

4 - I'm a remote worker. Where can I work remotely in Santander or Cantabria?

We have prepared a dedicated section for remote workers seeking coworking space in Santander:

The Best 5 Coworking Spaces in Santander

Please note that there are some groups of remote workers in Cantabria; reach out to us for more information!

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