Do you need to get from Santander to Comillas? Here's a bit more about Comillas...

One of the most popular towns in Cantabria is the locality of Comillas. The reason for its fame lies in its architectural ensemble combined with a spectacular location.

In Comillas, you can find one of the few works by the architect Antoni Gaudí outside of Catalonia, the Capricho de Gaudí. Along with other equally impressive places in the town, such as the Palacio de Sobrellano, the Pontifical University, the Chapel-Pantheon, the Cemetery, or the unique House of the Duke of Almodóvar del Río.

All of this, along with a selection of parks, a spectacular beach, and a historic center that is highly representative of Cantabria.

El Capricho de Gaudí (Comillas) cantabria Hicantabria Kantabria cantabrie how to get from santander to comillas excursiones por cantabria tourisme en cantabrie
Traditional Ferry from Los Reginas (Santander)

How Far is Comillas from Santander?

In a straight line, Comillas is almost 40 kilometers from Santander, a distance that increases to 45-53 kilometers if traveling by car, depending on the route.

How to get from Santander to Comillas

Our recommendation is to reach Comillas by car (either your own or a rental). The road is very good, mostly highway, and you can even stop to visit the Sequoia Park. In Comillas, there is plenty of parking (paid), but in summer, due to the influx of tourists, it can be difficult to find a spot.

If you don’t have a car, it is possible to reach Comillas by public transport. We recommend the direct bus.

This direct bus is operated by the company La Cantábrica and takes just over an hour to get to Comillas from Santander (depending on traffic). It also stops at other tourist locations like Santillana del Mar and Cóbreces.

The bus departs from platform number 5 at the Santander bus station. There are about 6 daily departures (both directions), and you can only pay in cash directly to the driver (card payments are not accepted). In Comillas, the bus stop is located in front of the “Casablanca” bar.

On La Cantábrica’s website, you can find more information and schedules.

There are two other alternatives: taking a train to San Pedro de Rudaguera and then a taxi (40 EUR), which we do not recommend.

A direct taxi from Santander to Comillas costs around 140 Euros.

Parque Güell y Martos comillas hicantabria how to get from Santander cantabrie kantabria hicantabria
Parque Güell y Martos

From Santander Airport to Comillas

If you need to get from Santander Airport to Comillas, the best option is to first travel to Santander city center using our instructions (see “From Santander Airport to City Center“). From there, you can choose any of the alternatives mentioned above.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas how to get from santander to hicantabria cantabria cantabrie kantabria
Universidad Pontificia (Comillas)

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