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sardinero beach during your stay hicantabria soggiorno a Santander
Sardinero Beach in Santander is perfect to reach using public transport

Moving Around Santander

Let’s start with Santander, the capital of Cantabria. Situated on the northern coast of Spain, Santander is predominantly surrounded by water, with the exception of its western side. In the city’s center, a small hill, divides it. Intriguingly, Santander is positioned with a southern orientation, offering scenic views toward the bay.
If you find yourself staying in the center, considering the area around “Plaza Porticada,” you’ll discover that many attractions are conveniently within walking distance. Nevertheless, it’s beneficial to acquaint yourself with the following transportation options for getting around Santander:
  • Bus: Santander features an extensive bus network operated by TUS (Transportes Urbanos de Santander). Buses cover the city and its surrounding areas, offering an affordable and efficient means of transportation.Kindly note to board the bus through the front entrance and make your payment directly to the bus driver (in cash). If you are planning to use the bus regularly, we recommend purchasing and recharging the TUS card at an “Estanco,” a location where you can buy cigarettes, tobacco, etc., or at a kiosk.

    The card is priced at around 1 euro, but it is worth since the cost per trip is greatly discounted compared to the regular fare.

    There is also a tourist bus with 10 stops covering the main attractions of the city. It costs approximately 21 EUR for a 24-hour pass.

    For more information about the Hop-on Hop-off bus, please refer to the details provided here.

  • Taxi: You can hail a taxi from designated taxi stands, usually marked, where you’ll find white taxis waiting. Fares are reasonable; however, ensure that the taximeter (the small device indicating distance and price) is always activated.

    Alternatively, you can utilize apps such as Cabify or Pidetaxi for a convenient ride.

    Additionally, you have the option to call 942333333 to order a taxi from any location in Cantabria.

  • Uber and Cabify: As an alternative to taxis, you can opt for a private transport company for your mobility needs. Both Uber and Cabify operate in Santander and some areas of Cantabria. Cabify typically offers modern black cars with reasonable fares, providing a convenient and stylish transportation option.

  • Biking: Santander has an electric bike-sharing system called TUeBICI, which allows you to rent bikes at various locations throughout the city. Biking is a convenient and eco-friendly way to explore. There is also a nice bike path that connects most tourist attractions along the coast.

  • Funicular: The Funicular del Río de la Pila is a small funicular railway that connects the lower and upper parts of the city. It’s a unique and scenic way to move around. From the top you have a fantastic view of the bay!

Moving around Cantabria

Navigating through Cantabria may not be as convenient as getting around Santander, but a public transport network is accessible. However, we highly recommend renting a car to fully maximize your trip. Keep in mind that all roads within Cantabria are toll-free!

If you’re in Santander and seeking to rent a car, you can locate several agencies around the train station. Another option is the airport, although it may not be as easily accessible.


  • Bus: ALSA operates an extensive network of connections within Cantabria.
    As per their website “The service links the entire coastal region from Unquera, San Vicente de la Barquera, and Torrelavega to the west, to Laredo and Castro Urdiales to the east, passing through Santander. Communication is provided in the interior regions connecting towns such as Sarón, Selaya, Ramales and Reinosa. ALSA also operates local services within the Santander area and frequent buses from the capital to coastal towns including Noja and Santoña.”.

  • Train: FEVE-RENFE is a regional operator with one line connecting Santander to the picturesque town of Lierganes, with stops in Valle Real or the town of El Astillero. Additionally, FEVE-RENFE operates a second line to Cabezon de la Sal with stops in Torrelavega. It also provides connections to Bilbao and Oviedo, although it’s important to note that these connections are relatively slow.

    Currently, you have the opportunity to travel at no cost by acquiring a pass for three months. While the pass itself is free, a refundable deposit of 10 EUR is required. This deposit will be returned if the pass is utilized for a minimum of 16 trips within the designated four-month period.

    Train connections in Cantabria

  • Car: Cantabria boasts well-maintained roads that connect the entire region. All roads are toll-free.
    Additionally, there are various petrol stations, with Petroprix and EasyGas being the most economical, while Repsol stands out as the most prevalent, offering excellent services such as shops and food.
    If you intend to park in Santander or other tourist towns like Somo or Comillas (especially during the summer), please ensure that you pay the parking fee if parking in a blue-marked area (OLA).

Shopping in Cantabria

On a rainy day, an alternative activity is shopping, and the main commercial area in Cantabria is the center of Santander and its shopping malls.

In the center of Santander, the primary commercial zone encompasses the vicinity of the City Hall, specifically along the following streets: Calvo Sotelo, Jesús de Monasterio, Juan de Herrera, Lealtad, Isabel II, Paseo Pereda, San Fernando, Rualasal, Hernán Cortés, and Burgos.

Outside the Santander Center, there are several shopping malls:

  • El Corte Inglés: Offering the widest variety of clothing and electronics, along with a supermarket, coffee shops, and food options, as well as cinemas. Accessible by bus (TUS) or taxi.

  • Valle Real/Bahía Real: technically consists of two separate shopping malls, but they are adjacent, allowing for easy access on foot. These malls feature a diverse range of brand shops, including popular names like Carrefour, Primark and Zara, along with various restaurants and cinemas for entertainment. The most convenient mode of transportation to reach Valle Real/Bahía Real is by train, specifically using the FEVE-Renfe service.

  • Centro Comercial Peñacastillo: features a spacious Carrefour Supermarket along with a modest assortment of shops, restaurants, and cinemas. The most convenient way to reach this destination is by taking the bus, specifically the TUS service.

  • Centro Comercial El Alisal: another establishment hosting a Carrefour, accompanied by a diverse array of shops both inside and in close proximity, including notable names like Decathlon, Mediamark, Ikea shop, Feuvert, and others. Optimal modes of transportation to reach this center include taking the bus or a taxi.

Finally, in the city of Torrelavega, you’ll find some shops, though the selection is more limited compared to Santander.

Cultural activities

If you’re in search of cultural activities, we recommend exploring the following alternatives:

  • Palacio de Festivales: Located in the heart of Santander, this venue hosts a variety of cultural events such as theater performances, opera, musicals, ballet, and classical music.

  • Escenario Santander: A versatile area that hosts multi-activities, including concerts and other events.

  • Cinemas: You have options ranging from commercial cinemas outside the city center (Cinesa, Yelmo, and Ocine) to more niche ones in the center, offering good options in Original Version with Subtitles (V.O.S.E). Examples include Groucho, Filmoteca Cantabria, or Los Angeles.

  • Palacio de Exposiciones: Explore various exhibitions and displays in the area of El Sardinero.

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