Despite not being the most vegan-friendly city in Spain, Santander is embracing new vegan alternatives, including restaurants and shops.

At HiCantabria, we aim to assist you by providing options to ensure you discover not only vegan restaurants but also the finest ones. Some of them are also featured on our HiCantabria restaurant page.

Please note that you can download our list directly to your Google Maps application with the instructions provided at the end of this page.

Before delving into our list, it’s important to reiterate what we mentioned at the beginning of this post. Santander is quite conservative in many aspects, including food. Unfortunately, you cannot expect a lot of understanding regarding vegan options in most restaurants, except for the ones you will find below.

Vegan breakfast options in Santander


  • Wabi-Sabi Café & Craft: Perfect for breakfast and evening coffee, despite not being exclusively vegan, it offers plenty of high-quality vegan options.
    C. San Celedonio, 43. 942140361

  • Salvaje Santander: Another good option not only for breakfast but also for vegan lunch or dinner.
    C. Ataulfo Argenta Músico, 31. 942786175
Wabi Sabi Santander Vegan option Cantabria ristoranti vegani a Santander
Wabi Sabi Café & Craft

Vegan lunch and dinner options in Santander


  • Ho’ oponopono Santander: Awarded as one of the best Poke restaurants in Spain, you’ll find plenty of vegan options for your lunch or dinner.
    Peña Herbosa 23. 942189994

  • La parada de San Martin: In a perfect location, this purely vegetarian and vegan restaurant is a must-visit.
    Reina Victoria 22. 942130626

  • LEVEL- Fresh Club-: Healthy food near Plaza Cañadio. Enjoy a great selection of vegan salads, bowls, and burritos.
    Santa Lucia 37. 942552457

  • EcoTierruca: Near El Sardinero, there’s a fantastic selection of eco-friendly and vegan food available for takeout.
    Calle Honduras 16. 686887819

  • La Mano de Fátima: Moroccan/Middle Eastern cuisine with a variety of vegan options.
    Lope de Vega 23. 685063596

  • Mamasana: A poke restaurant that also offers a selection of vegan burritos.
    Daoiz y Velarde 10. 631700566

  • The Fresh poke: Another vegan-friendly poke restaurant in Santander, a great option if you’re around the bus/train station.
    Calle Cádiz 18. 640656156

  • Olivia: Japanese-Peruvian cuisine with a variety of vegan options, such as Uramakis.
    Peña Herbosa 11. 942055090
You can download the list using our Maps this link: HiCantabria Santander Vegan Map

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