Suances, one of the top towns in Cantabria, is not to be missed.

On the northern coast of Spain, in the heart of Cantabria, lies the town of Suances.


Suances is one of the main tourist destinations in Cantabria for several reasons. We might say that Suances is not the best place for any one thing, but it is definitely the most well-rounded in all of Cantabria.

Suances is located 30 kilometers from Santander (30 minutes by car). Public transportation to the capital of Cantabria is very limited, with one bus line (La Cantábrica) connecting Suances with Santander in 45 minutes but with very sparse schedules. Therefore, we highly recommend traveling by private car or rental car.

The history of Suances is closely linked to fishing and its proximity to a highly industrial area like Torrelavega. In recent years, its economy has largely been based on seasonal tourism (summer), mainly from central Spain -Madrid-. It still remains largely unknown to international tourists.


Its popularity related to surfing, along with its proximity to most of Cantabria’s major attractions, makes Suances a destination not to be overlooked, presenting itself as a good alternative base to Santander for discovering all of Cantabria.

We know Suances very well, so here are our 5 reasons to visit Suances:

5 Reasons to visit Suances in Cantabria...

1 - Los Locos Beach

The beach of “Los Locos” (Crazy people’s beach) is one of our favorite beaches in Cantabria for several reasons.


It is considered one of the meccas of surfing in Spain due to its waves and unique characteristics. In a way, we can say it was a pioneering spot for the introduction of surfing in Spain.

Its fame has led Suances to promote surfing through various initiatives, such as the European Dog Surfing Championship, as we mentioned on our blog.

Apart from surfing, Los Locos Beach is a spectacular place for walking and admiring the impressive Cantabrian coast, with the Picos de Europa mountains in the background.

Finally, the sunsets there are truly spectacular. You can’t miss them while enjoying a drink at the various bars and restaurants in the area.

For us, it is a unique and special place.

2 - Its perfect location

Suances is a coastal town that is close to practically all the tourist attractions in Cantabria.


Just a few kilometers away are tourist towns such as Santillana del Mar (and the Altamira Caves), Comillas, and the Oyambre coast (which includes the picturesque town of San Vicente de la Barquera).


Not only are the Picos de Europa mountains relatively close, but also other inland tourist attractions such as the Soplao Cave, the Sequoias Park, or the beautiful town of Barcena Mayor.


Remember, all this is just half an hour away from Santander…


We can say that Suances is perfect as a base of operations.

3 - Its Summer vibe

If you ask a Cantabrian the first word that comes to mind when they hear the word Suances, it’s very likely to be “summer.”


Not only because it’s a city with a lot of national tourism in the summer, but also because of its summery atmosphere. Suances means beach, terraces, palm trees, ice-creams,  good drinks, and even partying.


If the weather is good, you’re going to feel like you’re in paradise!

4 - Its variety of accommodations

It’s clear that Suances is a tourist destination, but its accommodation options are not lacking.

In Suances, you have options for every budget and taste. From hotels with a very high standard of quality to campgrounds for those traveling with RVs, or rural houses for those who want maximum contact with nature.

At HiCantabria, we want to emphasize the importance of staying in legal establishments for sustainable tourism that allows everyone to enjoy the place, respecting the local population and preserving the villages as we know them.

5 - Its restaurants

Many times, when we think of tourist places, our minds automatically associate them with restaurants of low quality and a terrible value for money.


Fortunately, this is not the case, and Suances boasts some of the most famous restaurants in Cantabria, essential if you want to taste local products (Seafood or Cantabrian meat).


It is worth mentioning that Suances has two distinct areas, high up and by the sea, where we can find outstanding restaurants such as La Dársena or El Caserio (next to Los Locos Beach).

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