Golf in Cantabria - Discover the main golf courses in Cantabria

Cantabria, the homeland of golf legend Severiano Ballesteros, boasts a rich tradition in the sport. Its climate, landscapes, and the presence of iconic courses make it an exceptional destination for enthusiasts.


At HiCantabria, we are dedicated to assisting you in discovering the finest golf courses in the region along with their respective locations. It’s important to note that, apart from the Mataleñas golf course situated in the city of Santander, the rest can be accessed conveniently by car.

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Golf Mataleñas

Real Golf de Pedreña

Located in the hometown of Severiano Ballesteros, Real Golf de Pedreña is a 27-hole course (18 designed by Harry S.Colt, 9 designed by Severiano Ballesteros).


Founded in 1928, it is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Cantabria, just in front of Santander.

Campo Municipal de Golf Mataleñas

Situated in the city center of Santander, Campo Municipal de Golf Mataleñas is a public golf course located in an idyllic setting with fantastic views of the ocean and the city.


Founded in 1986, it is a 9-hole course with a practice area.

Golf Santa Marina

Golf Santa Marina, designed by Severiano Ballesteros, is an 18-hole course located next to the Natural Park of Oyambre, close to the town of San Vicente de la Barquera.

Campo de Golf Nestares

Nestled in the south of Cantabria, Golf Nestares is a publicly owned 18-hole, 72-par golf course with a length of 6250 meters.

Golf Abra del Pas

Situated close to the ocean coast in the town of Mogro, Golf Abra del Pas is an 18-hole, par 70 golf course.

Campo de Golf La Junquera

Located in Seve Ballesteros’ hometown, La Junquera is a 9-hole golf course next to the bay of Santander, perfect for beginners.

Campo de Golf Ramon Sota

Campo de Golf Ramon Sota is a 9-hole golf course located in the town of Aguero, making it a perfect choice for beginners.

Campo de Golf Rovacias

Situated in the town of Comillas, Campo de Golf de Rovacias is an 11-hole course.

Real Golf Club Oyambre

Founded in 1924, Real Club Golf Oyambre is a 9-hole course situated in the Natural Park of Oyambre, next to its impressive wild beach.

Golf Shangri-la

Situated in the town of Gandarilla, Shangri-la is a 9-hole golf course that is part of the Hotel Playa de Meron.

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