Two Day itinerary in Cantabria

Planning to stay for 2 full days in Cantabria? We recommend spending one day in Santander (please see the one-day itinerary) and the second day exploring both the mountains and the best parts of the coast in Cantabria.

For the second day, you will need a private car, as there is no way to do this route using public transport. Remember, you can rent a car at “Plaza de las Estaciones” or at the airport, as we previously described in our “During your stay” section.


Today, we will discover the mountains at Picos de Europa and the impressive coast of Oyambre, with interesting views of the “Desfiladero de la Hermida,” San Vicente de la Barquera, and Suances, as shown in our image below.


As always, our itinerary is a proposal, so feel free to modify it based on your personal requirements.


We will also include the main attractions in a downloadable map!

hicantabria los locos suances
Playa de Los Locos (Suances)

Let's begin our trip from Santander to Picos de Europa

We will begin our trip in Santander, using the “Plaza de las Estaciones” as our reference point. We suggest leaving early in the morning after breakfast, around 8:30 am.


From Santander, we will head straight to the Fuente Dé cable car, with an optional stop in Unquera (where you can have a coffee and try the traditional “Corbatas”). The journey from Santander to the Fuente Dé cable car will take a couple of hours, covering almost 130 km.

The first 68 km are on a comfortable, toll-free highway. At the border with Asturias, you will reach the town of Unquera.


After Unquera, prepare for a mountain road that will be impressive once you cross “El Desfiladero de la Hermida,” probably one of the most surprising roads in Spain. If you love to drive, enjoy!


You will pass the town of Potes, and after a few kilometers, you will reach the heart of the Picos de Europa and its cable car.

We discussed the Fuente Dé cable car in our “Plans” section. You will enjoy amazing views from the top and even have some time for a little walk. Around 1 pm is a great time to return to your car and head for some lunch in Potes.

Time for lunch and exploring Potes (Liébana)

If you want to try good local food, we recommend Hotel del Oso, located on the road between Fuente Dé and Potes.


Alternatively, you have some good restaurants in the town of Potes, such as Casa Cayo. Don’t forget to try Cocido Lebaniego and “Queso Picón” (Blue mountain cheese).


You can spend a good time there until approximately 4 pm. If you are not interested in the Cable Car, you can also visit the Monasterio de Santo Toribio de Liébana, which is also on your way.

Driving from the Mountains to the Sea

Around 4 pm, we will leave Potes heading towards San Vicente de la Barquera. You will cross the “Desfiladero de la Hermida” in the opposite direction, and it can be a good option to stop in the town of “La Hermida” for a coffee. It will take you about an hour (50 km) to reach San Vicente, where you can stop, see the town (including the castle), and have a drink there.

From San Vicente de la Barquera to Suances

During the evening, we strongly recommend taking the road from San Vicente de la Barquera to Suances, which offers an impressive coastal route with incredible views of both mountains and beaches. Notably, the beach of Oyambre stands out, where you can learn to surf and witness one of the best sunsets in Cantabria from the Mirador de Gerra. Alternatively, you can enjoy another spectacular sunset from Playa de los Locos in Suances itself.

Suances is a vibrant town, particularly lively during the summer months, offering a wealth of atmosphere. It’s also an excellent destination for a seafood dinner. Be sure to check out “El Caserio” and “La Dársena” for delightful dining experiences.

From Suances, it will take you around 30 minutes to reach Santander, making it a perfect conclusion to an unforgettable journey.

Here, you can view and download the map using your Google Maps application. You can also access our interactive map below.

Do you need more?

If our one day itinerary in Cantabria wasn’t enough for you, make sure to check our Plans page.

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