Last weekend (May 18th, 19th 2024), the Third edition of the Dingonatura Dog Surfing competition, which is also the European championship, took place in la Concha Beach in Suances (Cantabria, Spain).


While it might sound amusing, there is a meaningful purpose behind it: raising awareness about the importance of adopting dogs rather than buying them, in collaboration with various animal shelters across the country.


The event sponsor will donate 2,000 portions of dog food to the shelter or association chosen by the contest winner.


The competition featured four different categories based on the weight of the dog. Each participant had 10 minutes to catch as many waves as possible, earning up to 10 points based on the judges’ evaluation.


Koa and her owner Juan Manuel Santiago were the proud winners of this Dog Surfing European contest in Cantabria!


It’s too late to enter for 2024, but you can start preparing your dog for the 2025 edition, aiming to make it even more international.

Remember that you can learn more about surfing in Cantabria and Suances on our website.

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