The distance between Santander Airport and Bilbao is approximately 100 km.

ALSA offers a direct connection between the airport and Bilbao bus station, typically with 3-4 buses daily available at the arrivals terminal. The first direct bus departs after 11 am, with the journey lasting between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours. The one-way ticket costs 7.66 EUR and should be purchased in advance through the ALSA website.

If the frequencies on the website do not suit your schedule, it is advisable to first travel from the airport to Santander Center using our guide (From Santander Airport to city center), and then take a bus from Santander bus station to Bilbao bus station. Buses run with a frequency of one to two per hour (Approximately 8 EUR per ticket).

A taxi or Cabify from Santander Airport would cost more than 100 EUR and take around 1 hour, making it a less economical option.

Train travel between the two cities would take more than 3 hours, so we cannot recommend it for this route.

Before you head to Bilbao, why not explore Santander and Cantabria first? Our guide to bars and restaurants makes it easy to discover the best local spots for delicious food and drinks. Take your time to enjoy the flavors of Santander and Cantabria before continuing your journey

bus stop Santander Airport also s4 desde el aeropuerto de santander al centro lotniska do centrum
Airport arrivals Bus Stop

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