Many of you have asked how to get from Santander to Liencres (Costa Quebrada) by public transport, and we would like to make things clear and easy.

If you want to get to Liencres by bus, you need to ensure that you reach the Santander bus station area. Once there, on street level, look for ALSA buses. It’s the same area where you catch the bus to the airport, as shown in the picture below:

santander airport shuttle orange bus city s4 alsa desde el aeropuerto de Santander al lotniska do centrum flughafen santander zum zentrum aéroport de au centre aeroporto centro Z Santanderu do Liencres

Once you’re there, make sure you catch line S7, S8, or S9 (B2 during the night), all of which go to the Liencres and Costa Quebrada area.


You can also catch the bus from the bus stop in front of the city hall and other parts of the city such as calle San Fernando.


The ride takes around 30 minutes to Liencres (20 minutes during the night), with a frequency of 30 minutes during working days, 40 minutes on Saturdays, and an hour on Sundays, bank holidays, and during the night. You can check the timetable in every stop.


The trip can be paid directly to the bus driver or using the ‘Transportes de Cantabria’ card, which offers a discounted price.


If you want to visit the beach, we recommend that you head to Entrada Playa Portio. However, be aware that you will need to walk for about 20 minutes (2km) to reach the beach.


More info here (In Spanish) and in HiCantabria during your stay section.

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