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Finding the right place to stay is often one of the trickiest parts of trip planning, and Santander presents no exception. While we’ve offered recommendations in our ‘Plan Your Trip‘ section, this post focuses on our top 10 picks for hotels in Santander. These establishments embody tradition and offer comprehensive services. If the location and budget align, don’t hesitate to book your stay with them.

We recommend selecting a hotel within the triangle formed by the City Hall, Centro Botín, and Palacio de Festivales, or in the El Sardinero area, especially during the summer. Remember, you can check our “During Your Stay” section if you need information about transportation, bars, or restaurants!

10 Best Santander Hotels by HiCantabria

Let’s take a deep dive into our very own HiCantabria hotel selection in Santander.

You can click on the name for more info, also at the end of the page you will find an interactive map with Santander hotels and other interesting links.

Eurostars Real Hotel is a legendary 5-star luxury hotel, frequented by numerous famous personalities visiting Santander. Situated between Sardinero, Palacio de la Magdalena, and the city center, this hotel provides unparalleled luxury and more. With breathtaking views of the Bay, the Magdalena peninsula, and Sardinero all at once, it offers an extraordinary experience. It’s the best choice if your budget allows for it.

Av. Pérez Galdós, 28, 39005 Santander, 942 27 25 50

hotel real santander luxury hicantabria mejores hoteles en santander
Hotel Real

Hotel Chiqui is one of the most renowned hotels in the El Sardinero area. Situated near Sardinero Beach and close to Mataleñas, it’s the perfect choice for those seeking to enjoy the sea. Featuring an outdoor pool, the hotel also boasts a restaurant and is conveniently located within walking distance of acclaimed dining establishments like the Michelin-starred Serbal.

Av. Manuel García Lago, 9, 39005 Santander. 942 28 27 00

mejores hoteles en santander
Hotel Chiqui (Right)

The recently renewed Hotel Sardinero offers luxury accommodations in the heart of El Sardinero, right next to the iconic casino building. The beach and restaurant area are just a short walk away, making it a convenient choice. Staying in this historic building ensures a blend of timeless charm with all the latest updates, making it a great choice for a memorable stay.

Plaza de Italia, 1, 39005 Santander. 942 27 11 00

gran hotel sardinero
Gran Hotel Sardinero

Another classic in the city, centrally located between the train/bus station and Centro Botín, is this hotel. It’s perfect if you’re seeking a prime location surrounded by plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants.

Additionally, it offers the option of organizing weddings or corporate events.

C. Cádiz, 22, 39002 Santander. 942 20 50 00

Hotel Bahía hicantabria
Hotel Bahía Santander

A new addition to the city, this hotel offers a blend of luxury within the renowned building of Santander located in the iconic Pombo Square. Positioned in the heart of the most vibrant area of Santander, it boasts an endless selection of bars, restaurants, shops, and attractions. Additionally, it’s adjacent to the new Santander Bank building and the future Santander Bank Art Museum. Highly recommended choice.

C. Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola, 2, 39004 Santander. 842 84 08 04

Soho Boutique Pombo hicantabria
Soho Boutique Pombo

If you prefer a different choice, focusing on luxury and design, this hotel stands out as one of the best options in the city. Although it opened its doors not long ago, it has quickly gained recognition as one of the most intriguing options available. While its location is convenient, situated in the city, it requires only a 5-minute walk to reach the main attractions.

C. del Sol, 31, 39003 Santander. 942 06 35 71

sol boutique santander hicantabria mejores hoteles en santander
Sol Boutique

A hotel nestled in our favorite street of Santander, the luxurious Paseo Castelar. From this hotel, you’ll enjoy a prime location, meticulously maintained rooms, and breathtaking views of the bay. Consider it as an option for a truly exceptional experience.

C. Castelar, 25, 39004 Santander. 942 22 52 00

hicantabria vimcci puertochico santander
Vincci Puertochico

Another classic option in the heart of the El Sardinero area, this hotel is a perfect choice for summer, with restaurants, bars, and the beach right next to it. Known for hosting a variety of interesting events, it’s worth keeping an eye on if you decide to stay there.

C. Joaquín Costa, 28, 39005 Santander. 942 27 29 00

hotel santemar hicantabria santander mejores hoteles en santander
Hotel Santemar

Our final recommendation in El Sardinero, this hotel is conveniently situated next to the beach and numerous other attractions. It offers exceptional value for its price.

Av de la Reina Victoria, 153, 39005 Santander. 942 27 43 00

silken rio santander hotel hicantabria
Silken rio

Our last recommendation is a hotel located in the heart of the city, amidst bustling commercial streets where locals frequently spend their time. Housed within a former famous cinema, it has transformed into one of the most popular hotels in the area. Its proximity to the city hall and Mercado de la Esperanza adds to its appeal.

Pl. Remedios, 1, 39001 Santander. 942 31 80 81

Silken Coliseum HiCantabria hotel mejores hoteles en santander

Santander hotels selection on a map

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