Do you need to get from Santander to Somo? Here's a bit more about Somo...

Right across the bay from Santander, there is a town called Somo. This is a town you should really consider for a couple of strong reasons: one of our favorite beaches in Cantabria and its vibrant surfing atmosphere. As we mentioned in our section “Surf in Cantabria” there are many businesses centered around surfing—not only a good number of schools (including the oldest surfing school in Spain) but also shops, restaurants, and bars related to surfing. We can assure you that you will feel the surfing atmosphere everywhere.

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As we mentioned before, surfing is not everything. In Somo, you will find one of the nicest beaches in Cantabria (El Puntal – Somo – Loredo), a long stretch of sand where you can experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in the region with a privileged view of Magdalena Palace and Santander.

If you need to go to El Puntal beach directly, we have an article dedicated to it on our blog “How to get from Santander to El Puntal beach

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Traditional Ferry from Los Reginas (Santander)

How Far is Somo from Santander?

If we draw a direct line between Santander and Somo, we find a small distance of less than 3 kilometers; the town can be easily seen from Santander. Despite this very short distance, the reality is that it is much farther away if you want to get there by road (you need to go around the whole Santander bay). The distance by road is more than 22 km, which will take a minimum of 30 minutes by car.

Ferry from Santander to Somo

Without a doubt, the fastest and most interesting way to get from Santander to Somo is by ferry. You can catch it next to “El Embarcadero” (please see our interactive map below for the exact locations; you can also download the points to your Google Maps app using this link).


The ferry, known as the “Lancha” to the people of Santander, is operated by a company called “Los Reginas” and the route is as follows: Santander-Pedreña-Somo, as indicated in the image below.


The journey takes 20-25 minutes from Santander to Somo, including a stop in Pedreña, and the ticket costs €3.60 one way (ida) or €6.30 for a round trip (ida y vuelta).


Info and times-tables in this link:

Ferry Santander Somo Los Reginas
Santander Ferry Station (Left) Santander-Somo boat (Right)
Ferry Santander Somo HiCantabria
Ferry Route

Important note: Please make sure you take the correct line and buy tickets at the exact point we indicate. The same company operates some tourist excursions and a regular line to El Puntal beach, which departs from the other side of the small building called “El Embarcadero.”

Should I visit Pedreña?

Pedreña is the middle stop on the ferry line between Santander and Somo. It is the hometown of golf legend Severiano Ballesteros.


In Pedreña, you will find the best golf course in Cantabria, the Real Club de Golf de Pedreña. Check “Golf in Cantabria” for more information.


This town also offers some interesting restaurants. For example, try some grilled fish at Asador El Tronky.


You can also go scuba diving at Buceo Pedreña, the scuba center next to the ferry stop (Check “Diving in Cantabria” for more information). Another option is to rent a jet ski for some adrenaline-pumping fun.


The walk from Somo to Pedreña takes around 20 minutes and is a pleasant stroll along the bay.

Bus from Santander to Somo

If the weather conditions are bad (for example, strong south winds), an alternative is to take a bus. This route is operated by Autobuses Palomera (Line Santander-Santoña) and takes around 35 minutes to reach Somo. The fare is approximately 2.35 EUR one-way.

There are 11 buses per day. We recommend checking the timetables on the Transportes de Cantabria website using this link.

Other alternatives from Santander to Somo

As an alternative, you can take a taxi, but expect to pay around €60 one way. Check the “During Your Stay” section for more information.

From Santander Airport to Somo

If you need to get from Santander Airport to Somo, the best option is to first travel to Santander city center using our instructions (see “From Santander Airport to City Center“). From there, you can choose any of the alternatives mentioned above. The walking distance from the bus station in Santander to the ferry station is around 15 minutes. Another option is to take a Taxi or Cabify.

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