Coworking spaces are a growing trend in Santander and Cantabria.

Why Coworking in Santander? The new paradigm around remote work is a fact. Despite the efforts of large corporations to protect their commercial real estate investments with aggressive return-to-office plans, many people are leaving large cities in search of a more peaceful environment with more contact with nature.

Cities like Santander and regions like Cantabria are not immune to this phenomenon. In recent years, they have attracted not only foreigners considering a move here but, more importantly, locals who had to leave their region due to a lack of opportunities.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of remote work, for some, is the lack of real contact with colleagues or the lack of a comfortable workspace. Due to this, the trend of coworking spaces has grown in attractive countries like Spain.


Gone are the days when remote-people mostly worked from cafes. Now there are dedicated spaces with everything needed, from furniture to fast and secure internet connections, privacy, and dining options.

At HiCantabria, we will help you find coworking spaces, facilitating your move to the city of Santander as a remote worker.

HiCantabria best 5 Coworking Spaces in Santander

We bring you a selection of the top 5 coworking spaces based on their quality, location, and facilities. You have a link to the website of each one and a map at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Banco Santander offers a network of free coworking spaces under the name “Santander Work Café.” These spaces are available to both customers and non-customers, where you can enjoy a fast and free internet connection along with top-quality coffee (with cost).

Situated in the heart of Santander’s most commercial area, the ETC coworking space offers modern facilities starting at 16 euros per day (including equipment, high-speed internet, and coffee). It is a great option for those seeking privacy.

The only coworking space in the Sardinero area, perfect if you want to combine work with a few hours at the beach in the summer. It offers coworking spaces, room rentals, and other services for businesses.

A coworking space located in the most central area of Santander, close to all services. It offers modern facilities for those who need a highly professional environment. It can be booked on a daily basis starting from 29 euros per day or with a subscription model.

For those for whom location is not a top priority and who are looking for an economical space, Espacio Inven is located in ¨El Alisal¨, with rates starting from just 12 euros per day. A perfect option if you live in this area.

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