Do you need to get from Santander to Lierganes? Here's a bit more about Lierganes...

Liérganes is a magical town that consistently appears on the list of the most beautiful villages in Cantabria and Spain.

In a privileged location in the Trasmiera region, it is not far from the major urban areas of Cantabria such as Santander.

Liérganes is a small but charming village, and the surrounding nature makes it an excellent starting point to explore rural Cantabria.

One of its main attractions is the so-called Roman bridge, which is not actually Roman as it was built in 1587. From it, you can see two small peaks locally known as the “Tetas de Liérganes” (Breasts of Liérganes).

The town is closely associated with Cantabrian mythology, particularly the legend of the fish-man, whose statue you will find next to the bridge.

Liérganes is a place to get lost and enjoy tranquility. In winter, it’s common to enjoy churros with hot chocolate or the delicious local craft beer, Dougall’s.

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Lierganes (Cantabria)

How Far is Lierganes from Santander?

In a straight line, Lierganes is almost 15 kilometers from Santander, a distance that increases to 23-32 kilometers if traveling by car, depending on the route.

How to get from Santander to Lierganes

Undoubtedly, the best way to reach Liérganes from Santander is by car, either private transport or taxi. Fortunately, Liérganes has a great advantage, which is the ease of getting there from Santander by public transport.

Liérganes is directly connected to Santander by train, with hourly services from 7 AM to around 9 PM.

The Renfe-FEVE (Click to access RENFE Website) C3 line will take you directly from Santander to Liérganes in about 55 minutes and 13 stops. You can even travel for free as explained in our “During your stay” section.

There is also an Alsa bus (Route K4810), which we do not recommend due to its duration.

From Santander Airport to Lierganes

If you need to get from Santander Airport to Lierganes, the best option is to first travel to Santander city center using our instructions (see “From Santander Airport to City Center“). From there, you can choose any of the alternatives mentioned above.

An alternative that can save you a little time is to walk to the nearby Valle Real shopping center (20 minutes) and take the direct C3 train line to Liérganes (Valle Real stop) from there. It’s a viable option if you’re traveling without luggage.

A taxi from the airport can be a good option for those with a more flexible budget.

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